Mission statement

We are dedicated and committed to offer the following healthy living & resources to anyone who contacts us: Books, DVD’s & CD’s, Classes, Online Information, Personal Counseling, Referrals, Shelter, Cloths, Food, and Prayer.

Our mission statement could be summed up in these words: “To treat others as we want to be treated”.

Our goal is to strive to understand our purpose on this earth, and to do all we can to make it a better place for those around us, and to not neglect loving Jesus in the person of the poor and suffering.

For all the years of our life we will never stop speaking the words “God loves you”. We will never stop telling the world that there is hope, that there is not one person that is without hope. We are committed to helping people understand the principles that give life, and understanding the principles that kill.

We believe you can be well and we are already telling the world how to experience a wonderful life. Outside of the bible our mission is to promote and teach the principles found in the book entitled ”Health Power” by Aileen Ludinton and her co authors. This book can be viewed at www.healthpower.tv

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