What we believe

We believe in and choose the bible as our soul book of choice for all instructions for life. We believe that God uses humans, sometimes the simple and the weak, but always the humble, and we know that God can use you and me to work for Him. We believe that God is looking for willing persons who will confess their sins and strive, yes strive, to be over comers. We believe that God can and will use you and me if we go to the foot of His cross, submitting our needs to Him, and then sharing what our Savior has done for us. In this simple way, God can show His children His love. We believe that ministry is sharing the love God has given us all through His grace. We believe that victory comes through death to self and a longing to give of ourselves. We believe that “with God all things are possible” Matthew 19:26 and that sin can be overcome with God’s help.

We believe that every human has a purpose and that God is calling you right now to do something more meaningful with your life. We do not know all the details of that calling, but we do know that you are loved, and we believe God is calling us to love you and treat you as we would want you to treat us.

We do not believe that your individual sickness is without hope. We do believe that if your sickness is one way God has been able to get your attention. We believe that if you seek Him with all your heart you will find Him and He will give you peace and health.

What we believe about “Medical Missionary Work?

We do not believe you have to have a degree to do medical missionary work, however, having a degree is very helpful and useful. If we simply look at the examples of the bible we can summarize some of the events that took place. For example, when Jesus healed people He did not require immense hospitals, nor expensive technical equipment, He did not rely on highly trained groups of professionals for consultation. Instead, He depended entirely upon the leading and power of His Father. And we discover that entire villages where Jesus had passed through had not one sick person because he had healed them all. How many hospitals or clinics or groups of doctors today can make that claim?

John the Baptist did not invite people to listen to his sermons in a gloriously decorous and expensive edifice with big stained glass windows, deep carpeting, and soft pews. Instead, he preached his message in the wilderness, where instead of carpeting, there was sand, and instead of pews, there were rocks. And yet his message was so powerful it stirred up the Jewish nation and was one of the greatest messages ever preached, “Prepare to meet your God”

We believe that if we wait until we have the buildings, the equipment, and the training of the world, we may miss our opportunity to serve God completely. When Jesus preached the sermon that set out the conditions and tenants of joining His kingdom, He did it on a mountainside.

We believe that if we don’t learn to do more and more with less and less, and exercise our faith by moving forward with or without the resources needed, we may be derailing from the purpose God has for us. We believe that if we focus on the buildings, and get so caught up in building grandiose structures that we no longer reach and heal the people.

We believe that God has shown us simple home remedies that work effectively to help people heal. These remedies are not costly nor complex, but simple and affordable. We believe that if we work together, in harmony with God’s purposes and not let things or lack of things get in the way, our life will be a light to many and God will provide. We believe that if we begin now with what we have and depend on God to help us do the work, He will not let us down.

We believe that we should be kind to those whom do not believe like us, and that in fact it’s a sin for any to criticize and find fault with those who in their manner of working do not exactly meet our mind. 11MR 191.

We believe that as Christian, believing in Christ and following his calling to each, we must help the poor in any way that we can, that by doing this, we are loving Jesus himself.

We believe that what’s needed most is not money, but an understanding of God. The bible says: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Clearly it is knowledge that we all need, for it is not a lack of love from our dear Saviour that we need. Jesus loves each of us more than we know. Jesus loves us so much and He paid to great a price for us to not count every person on the planet as a soul worthy to be reached. That is why we believe that we should reach out to the whole world with a message of hope.

As Seventh-day Adventist we believe that Ellen G. White was inspired by God to write the following words found in “The Desire of Ages” under the chapter title “The Least of These My Bretheren” These words are also found in Matthew 25:31-46. “When the Son of man (Jesus) shall come in His glory, and all the holy angels with Him, then shall He sit upon the throne of His glory: and before Him shall be gathered all nations: and He shall separate them one from another.” ” Thus, Christ on the Mount of Olives pictured to His disciples the scene of the great judgment day. And He represented it’s decision as turning upon one point. When the nations are gathered before Him, there will be but two classes, and their eternal destiny will be determined by what they have done or have neglected to do for Him (Jesus) in the person of the poor and the suffering.”

We believe that it is our duty and our privilege to help the poor and the suffering.

We believe that In dealing with the victims of intemperance we must remember that we are not dealing with sane men, but with those who for the time being are under the power of a demon. We believe that we should be patient and forbearing and think not of the repulsive, forbidding appearance, but of the precious life that Christ died to redeem. As the drunkard awakens to a sense of his degradation, we believe we should do all in our power to show that we are his friend. We do not believe we should speak any word of censure or let any act or look express reproach or aversion. Very likely the poor soul curses himself.

We believe that we should help him to rise and that we should speak words that will encourage faith. We believe that we should seek to strengthen every good trait in his character and teach him or her how to reach upward. We believe that we should show him that it is possible for him to live so as to win the respect of his fellow men. Help him to see the value of the talents which God has given him, but which he has neglected to improve. MH 171

We believe that a supportive living experience is the basic first step in a recovery program. The “Rock House Haven of Rest” growing family is dedicated to following their mission as Christian’s, following after Christ, and showing love and support in a supportive living experience. We don’t believe that we should offer a treatment program, nor a rental rooming house, but a supportive living environment where each resident agrees to positive goals, cooperative and supportive interactions, and non-destructive behavior. We believe that a caring, peer family living setting can provide a powerful foundation for recovery.

We believe that God’s simple lifestyle and healing methods are REAL – Redemptive, Effective, Affordable and Lasting.

Redemptive – All true healing must lead to God, for it comes from Him. We want to show, in practical ways, that God’s program is the best way to live.

Effective – Man’s extremity is God’s opportunity. We believe that we should accept people as they are without condemnation or words of discouragement. We do not guarantee recovery or complete restoration of health, that is God’s department, however we do see amazing recover in so many and most respond quickly to the rest, healthful food, exercise in the fresh air and sunshine, water, and loving care in a Christian atmosphere. Even those with terminal diseases discover a greater level of comfort and peace.

Affordable – We believe that the benefits of our God-given health knowledge should be available to all, regardless of their financial situation. Thus, we believe that the health message is the right arm of the gospel, and a way to reach people with God’s love and a message of Jesus soon return and victory over sin and a clear understanding of the character of our heavenly father as depicted in Exodus 20. Clearly this is not about money and we believe that we should help people whether then can pay or not.

Lasting – The benefits received are conditional upon faithful obedience to what they have learned. As long as the principles are maintained, the good results can continue with God’s blessing. We are here to help people understand the difference between the right way and the wrong way to live. They need to realize that they make choices every day and those choices can make a big difference in their lives.

We believe that if we were homeless, hungry, and sick, we would want help. We believe that if we fail to help the poor and suffering we are missing the purpose of Christianity, which is to be like Christ. What would Jesus do?

For more information about our beliefs visit http://www.digma.com.

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