How you can give back and make a difference

We believe that Gods way of healing people is REAL, Redemptive, Effective, Affordable, and Lasting.  Because we are committed to sharing a health message to all no matter what they can afford, brings us to the question of what can you do to help share the load.  If you have received our newsletter, and or in the past you signed up for our extremely popular health tips, you may know what our ministry at the Kolapa House of Charity is all about, but if not, let me attempt to explain in a few words.

Although ancient writings give council that we teach and follow, we do not personally claim to hold any special knowledge outside of what the latest scientific findings strongly suggest, and or the stories and actual evidence of the sick getting well expose, exhibit, or display.

We pray that your testimony will be life changing, whether others can learn from the wrong choices you made, or improve from the better choices, it is your story that will not only help to pave the way to your own good health by the giving of yourself to share your story, but it very well could inspire thousands to change.

Please write your testimony in one to two pages remembering that you do not have to share all the failures of your life to be a good testimony, share what God has done for you even in your humanness. 

And last, please understand that if you have been through a Kolapa House of Charity "Supportive Living Experience" and where blessed by the experience, your personal testimony is one very substantial way you can contribute to our ministry.  We do not want to continue a ministry that is not helping people so please let us know how you were blessed by our humble effort to help you.

Here are some questions to answer in your personal testimony.  If you would like your testimony to be aired to the world via video please contact our office at: 

1.  Your background growing up, country, religion, eating habits and lifestyle.

2.  Did anything happen in your life that inspired you to change, and if so, what?

3.  What advice would you give someone who was sick or homeless or at a point of giving up on life?

4.  Was the Kolapa House of Charity project a blessing to you in any way, and way?


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