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This is not a multi marketing business with a product based focus.  We are a growing ministry striving to help people get well by encouraging each to take responsibility for their own health.

Between cancer and heart disease, almost one million American's die each year.  This does not include diabetes and hundreds of other diseases that cause millions of people around the world to suffer and die.  Here we are inviting  you to enjoy health tips that are geared to remind us each to follow the simple principles found in the NEWSTART program, a growing concept, ever increasing in popularity because of the success that it's participans experience.  If your interested in knowing how to beat these killer diseases, or avoiding them all together, you will want to sign up for our health tips and learn how the body work and how your choices effects it.  These life giving principles of health are simple and effective, and could dictate the difference between your life or death.  If you sign up for our health tips you will learn exactly what the NEWSTART program is all about. 

The Steps:    1.  Stop doing what is making you sick.  2.  Start doing something to get well.  3.  Sign up for one of our health classes and start learning.

Joining a Kolapa health class is one way that you can begin to learn, however, you have an opportunity to start learning right now by giving us your email.  We will send you video's and health facts that are medically sound and backed by some of the worlds leading medical experts. 


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